Changing our attitude and philosophy towards solving society’s problems

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“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.” — Desmond Tutu

When we triumph over this pandemic, let’s take our renewed spirit of togetherness and fresh energy to manifest that magic feeling: that feeling of omnipotence, that together we are capable of so much and all things are possible. Similar to the early joys of freedom post-apartheid, where we had the whole world at our feet, a great spirit and the hope for the beautiful dream this country longs to be. That amazing feeling of unity is us at our best. …

My blessing in disguise — the positive side to facing adversity and life’s challenges

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Drawing/photo credit: @deepthiprasad_ (Instagram)

Adversity comes in many different forms and the experience is different for everybody. It is very difficult to teach someone how to deal with adversity. We have to figure it out and experience it for ourselves in the context of our own struggle. However, it can be a journey that teaches us so much about ourselves and puts everything in life into perspective. The sooner we realise that it can and probably will benefit us in the long run, the better. …

Andy Evans

Writer, chartered accountant, start-up junkie and part-time adventurer.

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